Wednesday, February 4, 2009


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Punky Mom News February '09

Check out my featured crafts this month!

Recycled Valentine’s Day Cards (or any cards for that matter)
If you’re anything like me you have a box of old, used (and some unused) greeting cards from over the years that you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of. Well, here’s an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to recycle them! All you need is some cheap card stock, envelopes, scissors, glue and whatever art supplies you have lying around the house (like glitter, markers, paint, etc…). Be creative, take elements of the old cards and cut them out. Combined them, re-arrange them and glue them to a folded piece of card stock (cut to the size of your envelope when folded in half), then decorate the rest any way you want. Add a fun Valentines Day poem on the inside and tah dah! You’ve created a whole new card from an old one.
Cute as a Button Box
An inexpensive box from the craft store (or any you have lying around the house)Craft or Acrylic PaintSealant (either spray or modge podge)Extra ButtonsGlueFelt (optional)First paint the box a pretty Valentine’s Day color. You can be creative with the paint, mixing colors, swirling colors, adding a “whitewash” by brushing some white over the color and taking it off again. Anything you want to create a festive box. After it is dry seal the paint with a spray on sealer or modge podge.Take your extra buttons and glue them in a heart shape on the lid of the box. They don’t have to be matching buttons; it’s more fun if you have a variety of colors, shapes & sizes.For an extra something, glue felt on the inside of the box to make it that much more finished. Let everything dry overnight and you’re finished! A great Valentine’s Day gift for kids and adults!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Time Capsule

Punky Mom's January 2009 Newsletter
New Year's Family Capsule
Start a fun new tradition in your house for the New Year - make a family time capsule and have each member of the family put one item in it and after decorating and labeling the year on the front. Don't open until the kids are grown (or at least until next year).
Need:Can with lid (like a mixed nuts can)Colored PaperTape or GlueOther items to decorate your can - such as glitter glue, pictures, paint, etc...

How to:
1. Make sure the can is clean and dry before wrapping with the colored paper around the can, cut to size, gluing or taping it in place.
2. Decorate your can, make sure you put the year somewhere on the front. Another fun idea is to put a finger prints of each family member on the can.
3. Make an "inventory" list of what you put inside and add it to the can with your items before sealing it up.

That's it! Keep your can (or cans) somewhere safe till you're ready to open them in years to come!