Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Time Capsule

Punky Mom's January 2009 Newsletter
New Year's Family Capsule
Start a fun new tradition in your house for the New Year - make a family time capsule and have each member of the family put one item in it and after decorating and labeling the year on the front. Don't open until the kids are grown (or at least until next year).
Need:Can with lid (like a mixed nuts can)Colored PaperTape or GlueOther items to decorate your can - such as glitter glue, pictures, paint, etc...

How to:
1. Make sure the can is clean and dry before wrapping with the colored paper around the can, cut to size, gluing or taping it in place.
2. Decorate your can, make sure you put the year somewhere on the front. Another fun idea is to put a finger prints of each family member on the can.
3. Make an "inventory" list of what you put inside and add it to the can with your items before sealing it up.

That's it! Keep your can (or cans) somewhere safe till you're ready to open them in years to come!