Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brunch pots

We had a very nice brunch today at my house. Some moms came over and we ate and crafted while our kids played in the pool. Here is one of the pots I painted and glued glass pebbles to. What a great way to start a Sunday.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And to follow up my last post with something crafty...


And my all time personal favorite! 
Damn I need to get me some of these....

My favorite wine, this week anyway...

I know this really doesn't have anything to do with crafts, but I thought I'd share... lately this has been my favorite wine choice, they make an awesome Melbec as well.  If you can get it at your local wine mart, pick up a bottle and try it for youself!

Read more about it's maker on Wine Waves Blog or at their official site Three Thieves

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Decorating with Nature

From floral patterns to found sea shells, the possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with nature in mind.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Warrior

Spent another weekend improving the kitchen, this time with paint!  After adding the tile last weekend the old paint color needed a pick me up!  So I primed the green that was left and painted over it and the white with a lovely beige color called warm buff that complimented the tiles!  Take a look....
BEFORE (well, with primer)
and AFTER!

The worst part was cleaning the area above the cabinets, I don't think it had been dusted up there in over 9 years (before we moved in)!  It's really lighted & warmed up the kitchen!  What do you think???

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My 4th of July Kitchen project

After reading Easie Peasie's dollar store back splash I sent off to do my own.  I looked at my big lots and dollar store and no vinyl tiles :(  So I broke down and bought a box at Lowes for $23.00, plus a $2.00 utility knife and set out to make my kitchen look fancy (already had the dremel thanks to hubby)!


Took all the stuff off the walls, cleaned them and got to work... with a fresh beer, ;)

Lots of measuring cutting made for a slow job

But it was worth int in the end....

It took me most of the weekend, some of the tiles had to be re-glued with some liquid nail.  But all in all it came out rather well if I don't say so myself!

Here is the entire kitchen after the transformation (including a new hood and switch plates which were NOT in the $25 tile budget)...

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Got me thinking kitchens...

Rue de Vamp and Easie Peasie got me thinking about my kitchen after reading about the dollar store back splash idea. 

What would your ideal kitchen counter top be?  Mine would be recycled glass!  I saw it on a home improvement show that did a 'green' makeover and just fell in love... I think I would want green but there are so many color choices!

Friday, July 2, 2010


I finished a painting the other day, at least I'm told it's finished.  My son said it looks good.  It's been so long since I painting I don't know when to stop anymore before going too far!  I'm also learning how hard it is to take a photo of a painting & get it's true look to come out. 

So the inspiration was the post about West Elms new line of silhouettes & the feathers I started and never finished... I wanted to take it to the next idea and paint an entire bird, but no details.  It's funny because just a few days after I started this my friend told me she wanted a tattoo of birds silhouettes!  Too strange. 

The odd shapes that turned into cloud formations were actually from a previous painting which I never finished and decided to paint over!  I think it came out rather interesting... kind of a hawk flying through armageddon! hahaha... ok, I wasn't going for anything that deep.... So what do you think?