Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Saints & Sinners Holiday Sale!!

I love Barbe Saint John and all her creations.... She is offering a special Holiday discount thru the month of December!  Check it out...
"Today thru Dec 31st, newsletter subscribers will receive 40% off on all online orders when you use the coupon code HOLIDAYSALE !! To start shopping, click here! Feel free to pass this email along to your friends too!
I'm also offering a 20% off Holiday coupon in my Etsy shop, where I have jewelry and craft making supplies. The coupon code for that shop is also HOLIDAYSALE."

Friday, November 19, 2010

Head Scarves

So there's a little girl in Texas who's going through chemo and I wanted to make some head scarves for her.  One is a bandanna style, which I measured and cut a square measuring 19" x 19" and hemmed the edges of, and another has ties - I cut a triangle of fabric, made two ties and hemmed them all together.  I think they came out cute!  I especially like the birdie fabric!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I haven't decided if she's finished yet but here is the mermaid painting I set off to create for my bathroom...
She's acrylic on canvas.  I can't help but think that she's missing something, but I don't know what.  Maybe more scales?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Wreath

Well here it is, finally!  I had to wait for my turkey to arrive...

I love the way it turned out, simple yet eye catching... and my turkey is the best ever...

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Picked up some more pieces today from Morgan Steele at the downtown farmers market. Couldnt get the big one cause we were on our bikes ;)
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Friday, November 12, 2010

El Shanebo's Show Review

Last night Paula and I went to:

I'd never been to SIP before and I was quite impressed.  Very friendly staff, even let the kids come in, which were easily entertained since they were showing Simpson Episodes above the bar!  I had the House Cab and at the Happy Hour price of $4.00 it hit the spot!

We were there for El Shanebo's opening reception for his first solo show!  Here's a write up about it curtsy of his lovely wife's post on Facebook:

Paula fell for his Cholo piece... which we both agree he needs to make prints of since it was the first to sell...

(Taken from my Retro Camera App on my Android)

And I MUST have some of his bugs... which my dear husband says "do you love them? if so I'll buy you one... but you must love love love it..." YES honey, I do!

So all in all I would say it was a success!!! I can't wait to see what comes out of both El Shanebo's creativity (which by the way we already own 2 pieces of, a custom sacred skate board and a Tiki carve from a skateboard deck) and more art shows at SIP in the future!  Next time we'll have to try the food...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Skull Banner

WOW!  I don't know if I want to just buy this up or attempt to make my own, all I know is I LOVE IT!!!
Made by Raw Bone Studio on Etsy!

and check out the other felt creations I found on Etsy...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Wreaths

The weather is finally cooling in Florida, which probably won't last long but I will enjoy it while it's here!  This makes me think of fall and with fall comes fall wreaths!  Here are a few for inspiration:

And my personal favorite...

I'll post a picture of the one I made over the weekend as soon as I find the perfect center piece for it!  
Have you decorated for fall yet???

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Did you see our pumpkins?

Saturday the 30th of October the family and I embarked on our most intricate pumpkin carving yet!
WE used a dremel even!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beaujolais Nouveau

Thank you for reminding me Publix!  I will be looking for my bottle on the third Thursday in November!

Transition to Fall with Beaujolais

Every autumn, wine-drinkers get caught up in the frenzy of Beaujolais Nouveau, a bright, juicy red wine released for sale on the third Thursday of every November amid a flurry of celebratory hoopla. With jazzed-up labels on the bottles and lively banners in wine aisles, the wine makes its once-a-year splash, then all but disappears from the minds of wine drinkers.

Made from the generously fruity Gamay grape, regular Beaujolais (as opposed to Beaujolais Nouveau) are wonderful wines. Their combination of fruitiness, brightness and a pleasantly soft mouth-feel makes them fantastic transition wines to sip in fall, to bridge the gap between zippy whites of summer and heavy, stew-worthy reds of winter.

Beaujolais Nouveau vs. Beaujolais Not-Nouveau
All Beaujolais wines are made in the Beaujolais region of France from the Gamay grape, and most all -- nouveau or not -- are made with a winemaking technique called carbonic maceration, in which entire bunches of grapes undergo fermentation. This process brings out the bright, juicy flavors so loved in the wine.

The most obvious difference between Beaujolais and Beaujolais Nouveau is time. Nouveau means "new" and Beaujolais Nouveau is definitely a new wine -- one that travels from vine to glass in less than ten weeks. Relatively light and simple, Beaujolais Nouveau is the very definition of a party wine -- in fact, it was created to celebrate the year's grape harvest.
At their best, Beaujolais wines can be satisfying stand-ins for Burgundy lovers on a budget. Indeed, they possess the vivacious cherry-berry notes of Burgundy's great Pinot Noirs, as well as that wine's legendary silkiness. Enjoy all this, at a much lower cost than the great wines of Burgundy.

Choosing a Bottle
Finding a bottle can be tricky: It's not that there aren't plenty of Beaujolais wines on the shelves -- it's just that not all of them are labeled "Beaujolais."

Some bottles are labeled by the name of the villages (locally know as crus) where the wines are produced. There are ten classified Beaujolais crus in all; however, ones you're most likely to spot include Moulin-à-Vent, Brouilly, Morgon, Fleurie and Régnié.

Pair with . . . Friends
Cheerful and charming, these wines simply brim with charisma. They're so fresh and approachable, that even white-wine drinkers fall for this red. They're like that friend you can always count on to warm up a crowd, whether it be an informal tailgate or a glamorous dinner party.

Friday, November 5, 2010

How to Make Vinyl Record Cut-Outs

Thank you Shae Hazelton for a step by step on Vinyl Record Cut outs!

Vinyl records used to be the only way to listen to recorded music in your home without a radio. Today, however, most vinyl records are sitting in dusty attics, long ago replaced with CDs and MP3 players. You can still use
those old records to spice up your home. It may not be with the music they play, but you can cut vinyl records to make all sorts of wacky shapes and silhouettes to decorate your home.

Step 1:

Draw a faint sketch of the outline you want to cut your vinyl record into. This makes sure your image will fit onto the record and gives you a guideline to follow. Use a light sketching media like chalk that is easily able to wash off after use.

Step 2:
Set the vinyl record onto a hard, flat surface that you are not afraid to scratch. You may want to set it down on a large cutting board if you fear for your kitchen table or other surfaces.

Step 3:

Press a craft knife to the lines of your sketch. Press down hard and drag the knife over the line. Never attempt to lift up the vinyl record and make a sawing motion with your craft knife. Keep it flat on the cutting surface at all times.

Step 4:

Clean away all scraps or splinters of vinyl record that hand off your finished silhouette. Use some fine grade sandpaper on the very edges of the silhouette if any sharp edges remain.


Instead of cutting an old vinyl record, you can turn it into a clock or warp it so that it becomes a modern looking plate or bowl.


Always use caution when handling a craft knife. Keep your fingers away from the blade while you cut and never point the knife towards you or anyone else.

Always check the value of the record before you cut it. Some vinyl records are very valuable collectables. Once you destroy the record, it will be worth nothing as a collectable anymore.

Wear goggles as you cut the vinyl record. Small splinters may fly off the record, which poses a threat to the safety of your eyes.

Beware of sharp edges on the on the cut record. Small, sharp splinters also pose a threat. Wear gloves as you scoop up discarded shards of the vinyl record to throw away.

Things You'll Need:


Craft knife

Cutting board

Sand paper

I've been seeing allot of jewelry made from old records as well!

Tea For One Earrings Recycled Record Silhouettes