Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diaper Cake #2

Last Thursday at a craft night I put together another diaper cake with the help of  Paula from Rue de Vamp for another baby shower!  I'd say it was definitely a success!  Judge for yourself....
~Tara's Diaper Cake for Emme~

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She sells Sea shells....

We did ALLOT of shelling while we were on Sanibel Island and I wanted to create a keep sake using some of our shells!  I decided on a frame and will be making a collage of our photos to go inside.  Here's all I did:
All I needed was a blank frame and my glue gun, well and some shells...

I laid out the ones I wanted and made sure they all fit nicely.  (ha!  I just noticed the wine glass...)

Then I glued them down one by one.  Finished!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Potting Tip

I was told to do this by a co-worker of mine (thanks Julie!) and tried it out this weekend.  If you have a large pot that you're worried about it being too heavy to lift once the soil goes in, fill the bottom with empty 2 liters and/or platic milk containers to take up extra space!  
Then pour the soil on top and continue potting as usual.  You will use half the soil and your pot will be allot easier to manage!

Mr. Brown Thumb puts newspaper over his...

Here is my finishe product - My re-potted Agava plant from Rue de Vamp

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I did it! I did it! I made a diaper cake!!!

The office was throwing a shower for a co-worker and I'd mentioned wanting to make a diaper cake, there was some discussion to why you would want to eat a cake that looks like a diaper until I explained that it was actually made out of diapers and got the go ahead to do it!  Here's a tutorial on how I made my first diaper cake:

1. First I gathered my supplies - diapers (eco-friendly ones at that) in two sizes, curly ribbon, wide ribbon, rubber banks, tape, hot glue gun, buttons, and a variety of other gifts, such as diaper pins, baby bottles, wash clothes and binkies (also known as pacifiers).
2. I rolled the pack of larger sized diapers, securing them with rubber bands for the bottom tier.  I used a baby bottle as the center support, aligned the diapers around it in a circle and secured them with a larger rubber band.
3. I repeated this two more times until I ran out of diapers. To fill in the spaces around the outer circle I used the rolled up wash clothes.

4. Then I rolled the smaller diapers the same way as the larger and repeated the steps again for the second layer, with another baby bottle in the center and only making 2 circles instead of 3 plus the four remaining baby bottles for decoration.

5. I made one more tier with the small diapers, only a single circle, to top it off.
6. Using the wide pink ribbon, I wrapped the center of each tier to hide the rubber bands, securing the ribbon with hot glue where it met and positioning it with a loop of tape on the inside to make sure it stayed in place.

7. Finally, I decorated it with the curly ribbon, hot glued buttons, tied on pacifiers, safety pins and a large gift ribbon as a topper. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaala! Diaper Cake!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gifts that keep on giving...

The donkey (or some call them mule) ear plant we got last April has sprouted babies! They grow off the end of the adult plants leaves. I went to the dollar store this weekend and got some tins to plant the offsprings in. I think Christmas maybe covered this year!

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