Friday, September 12, 2008

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There is a new generation of parents who are shaking things up a bit and Punky Moms is helping lead the charge.

The kids from the 80's and 90's that sported the mohawks and tattoos or wore black lipstick and Victorian dresses are all grown up now and having children of their own. Our children are the ones sporting the black onesies with skulls, and we are the parents who have chosen to raise our families outside of the box.

Punky Moms was brought to life in April 2002 as a meeting place for alternative parents to find like-minded friends and neighbors, vent frustrations and swap anecdotes and beauty secrets. But most of all it provides a place where alternative parents can be themselves - not try to fit in some mold someone decided was the right way to parent.

So just what is a "Punky Mom?" Jennifer, Winter and Sarah (the boards owners) feel that a Punky Mom is a lot of different things, no two Punkys are alike. While some Punky Moms have piercings and tattoos, others choose to cloth diaper, make their own baby food and practice attachment parenting and some do it all. Co-owner Winter Rosebudd had this to say about what a Punky Mom is: "We are not just Punkers anymore, we are now parents, with the same passions that we always had to make living on this earth a better place. When it comes down to it, we are just open-minded moms, who love raising's simple, back to the basics parenting...without judgment. Everyone is welcome."

About the owners:

Jennifer Johnpoll is the archetype of the next generation matriarch. She is a stay at home mom raising five children (three of her own and two in her charge), one husband and one (grand)father. In her youth she wore a green mohawk and had already begun her beautiful collection of tattoos. She used to tour with Rancid and haunt the popular punk hangouts in Baltimore in the 90s. As a mom she is hip as ever. She continues to add to her tattoo collection, but has swapped the punk haunts for playgrounds and the school pick up line. Jenn runs the technical aspect of Punky Moms. Whenever there is a tech problem, she fixes it. She is responsible for how fantastic this place looks and operates.

Sarah Fanning is an old-school goth turned working mother of two. In the late 80s and early 90s, she was the quiet one in the shadows wearing black velvet and reading Shakespeare. She still wears black all the time, and in her home, every day is Halloween. By day she works as a technical writer. She spends the rest of her time with her husband raising their two children. Sarah handles most of the member issues on the forum. She also lends Jenn a hand with the tech stuff.

Winter Rosebudd is a 39 year old mother, who decided to have kids later in life. Los Angeles based, born and raised in Long Beach California, her punk lifestyle started at age 12, taking her all along the So. Cal. coastline, to just about every punk show imaginable. After making all of her own clothes, and some for her friends in punk bands, she persued a career in Fashion Design, which has taken her to designing for, a world famous lingerie and costume leader, for the last 15 years. She also runs her own custom millinary company called Creepsuela Switchletto, making custom hats for her upper crust of the underground celebrity and musician circle of friends. Her 4 year old son enjoys playing guitar, bragging about his mom's tattoos and going to see live bands. Winter brings creative career inspiration to the community as a working mom and enjoys showering its members with humor and wit, along with a fierce "We can do it!", attitude.

These three renaissance mothers, met on the internet, all very different, but yet one thing in common. Parenting outside the box. Having become the best of friends, they meet once or twice yearly, flying to a new destination every time, to meet loyal and dedicated Punkymoms all over the US.

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