Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long time no.......

POST!!! I'm so sorry, it's been a month since I posted here.

What kind of crafty is going on? We did the Downtown Orlando Farmer's Market at Lake Eola one Sunday in September; sadly, it wasn't very profitable, not at all really, but it was fun hanging out with the friends that were there and I got to see the new downtown Publix! We are still thinking of giving it more time and a few more shots, so we'll see about that. The next few Sunday's were already booked with Birthday's and Brunches so we couldn't go back till the 26th anyway.

I've finished an Alice in Wonderland costume for a fellow punkymom's little girl.

I started my Christmas crafting, this year I hope to make lost of gifts and buy very little to none.

I'm not as excited for Halloween as I wish I was. My son is pretty much making his own costume, I'm not sure if we're even doing anything this year and if we do I don't have a clue what I will be. Motivating isn't it, not.

Next post, pictures!

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