Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I did it! I did it! I made a diaper cake!!!

The office was throwing a shower for a co-worker and I'd mentioned wanting to make a diaper cake, there was some discussion to why you would want to eat a cake that looks like a diaper until I explained that it was actually made out of diapers and got the go ahead to do it!  Here's a tutorial on how I made my first diaper cake:

1. First I gathered my supplies - diapers (eco-friendly ones at that) in two sizes, curly ribbon, wide ribbon, rubber banks, tape, hot glue gun, buttons, and a variety of other gifts, such as diaper pins, baby bottles, wash clothes and binkies (also known as pacifiers).
2. I rolled the pack of larger sized diapers, securing them with rubber bands for the bottom tier.  I used a baby bottle as the center support, aligned the diapers around it in a circle and secured them with a larger rubber band.
3. I repeated this two more times until I ran out of diapers. To fill in the spaces around the outer circle I used the rolled up wash clothes.

4. Then I rolled the smaller diapers the same way as the larger and repeated the steps again for the second layer, with another baby bottle in the center and only making 2 circles instead of 3 plus the four remaining baby bottles for decoration.

5. I made one more tier with the small diapers, only a single circle, to top it off.
6. Using the wide pink ribbon, I wrapped the center of each tier to hide the rubber bands, securing the ribbon with hot glue where it met and positioning it with a loop of tape on the inside to make sure it stayed in place.

7. Finally, I decorated it with the curly ribbon, hot glued buttons, tied on pacifiers, safety pins and a large gift ribbon as a topper. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaala! Diaper Cake!

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