Friday, November 5, 2010

How to Make Vinyl Record Cut-Outs

Thank you Shae Hazelton for a step by step on Vinyl Record Cut outs!

Vinyl records used to be the only way to listen to recorded music in your home without a radio. Today, however, most vinyl records are sitting in dusty attics, long ago replaced with CDs and MP3 players. You can still use
those old records to spice up your home. It may not be with the music they play, but you can cut vinyl records to make all sorts of wacky shapes and silhouettes to decorate your home.

Step 1:

Draw a faint sketch of the outline you want to cut your vinyl record into. This makes sure your image will fit onto the record and gives you a guideline to follow. Use a light sketching media like chalk that is easily able to wash off after use.

Step 2:
Set the vinyl record onto a hard, flat surface that you are not afraid to scratch. You may want to set it down on a large cutting board if you fear for your kitchen table or other surfaces.

Step 3:

Press a craft knife to the lines of your sketch. Press down hard and drag the knife over the line. Never attempt to lift up the vinyl record and make a sawing motion with your craft knife. Keep it flat on the cutting surface at all times.

Step 4:

Clean away all scraps or splinters of vinyl record that hand off your finished silhouette. Use some fine grade sandpaper on the very edges of the silhouette if any sharp edges remain.


Instead of cutting an old vinyl record, you can turn it into a clock or warp it so that it becomes a modern looking plate or bowl.


Always use caution when handling a craft knife. Keep your fingers away from the blade while you cut and never point the knife towards you or anyone else.

Always check the value of the record before you cut it. Some vinyl records are very valuable collectables. Once you destroy the record, it will be worth nothing as a collectable anymore.

Wear goggles as you cut the vinyl record. Small splinters may fly off the record, which poses a threat to the safety of your eyes.

Beware of sharp edges on the on the cut record. Small, sharp splinters also pose a threat. Wear gloves as you scoop up discarded shards of the vinyl record to throw away.

Things You'll Need:


Craft knife

Cutting board

Sand paper

I've been seeing allot of jewelry made from old records as well!

Tea For One Earrings Recycled Record Silhouettes

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