Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My 4th of July Kitchen project

After reading Easie Peasie's dollar store back splash I sent off to do my own.  I looked at my big lots and dollar store and no vinyl tiles :(  So I broke down and bought a box at Lowes for $23.00, plus a $2.00 utility knife and set out to make my kitchen look fancy (already had the dremel thanks to hubby)!


Took all the stuff off the walls, cleaned them and got to work... with a fresh beer, ;)

Lots of measuring cutting made for a slow job

But it was worth int in the end....

It took me most of the weekend, some of the tiles had to be re-glued with some liquid nail.  But all in all it came out rather well if I don't say so myself!

Here is the entire kitchen after the transformation (including a new hood and switch plates which were NOT in the $25 tile budget)...

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Mme Paulita said...

oh I didn't realize you did the vinyl tiles...sweeet